Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

Have you ever asked, why can’t I lose weight and keep
it off for good? When you see weight as the enemy, it
keeps hanging around. Whether you want to lose 10 lbs
or 110 lbs, the core of the issue is the same: your body
is sending you a message much deeper than, “Hey fatty,
get to the gym!”
Most diseases and chronic ailments we experience are
messages to us about how we have lived our life up until
this point. We can try to cover them up, treating just the
symptom, or we can ask ourselves a new question:
What is this here to teach me about myself? Weight is
no different – it’s a condition your body has presented to
you so that you can grow. The body is always
communicating with us, each and every day it is telling
us what it needs. If only we were listening.

A New Perspective on Weight Gain

Consider that weight gain is actually a message your
body is sending you. And if you try to control it by
depriving yourself, using willpower or restricting yourself,
you are only tightening the situation. What is needed is
expansion – a new look, an open perspective, a new
door to open for learning and growth.
If your weight is a message to you, then what is the
message? It’s different for every person.

Some examples of messages that come in the form of
extra pounds are:

• I need to slow down
• I need to love myself
• I need more balance
• I need nourishment
• I need to change my old belief system that isn’t serving me
any more
• I need to honor myself
• I want to feel good
• I want to have more energy
• I want to be happy

Can’t I just lose the weight first before I have to look at all of
these other sticky issues?, you’re wondering. Most people
go about it this way. And they often lose weight, but most
times it returns. In fact, most diets fail. Ninety-five percent
of people on a diet gain back all the weight they lost within 1-
2 years, or sometimes they gain back even more. The
reason is, they didn’t learn the lesson of why the extra weight
was there to begin with.
If you are looking for long term health and balance, you will
have to take a deeper look. Anyone can figure out how to
burn calories with a google search or a pass by the diet book
section in Amazon. Losing weight is not just about calories
in, calories out. Shedding extra pounds is not just about
counting points and calculating fat grams, if it were, we’d all
be supermodels.
Keep in mind that weight gain in not strictly a physical event,
it’s also an opportunity for personal growth and
empowerment. The real secret is the message your body
wants you to know so you can begin to live your very best
life. And uncovering that secret is an amazing journey that
will create not only long term weight loss, but lasting balance and a renewed sense of self.

.©International Association of Wellness Professionals, 2017