Healthy Mind – Healthy Body – Happy Life

Healing your body is a process. You didn’t get sick overnight, and you most likely won’t heal overnight either. We all want quick fixes-suffering is uncomfortable, and most people just don’t manage or cope with discomfort very well.

But what if we had a mind shift-a perception shift? And what if this perception shift actually aided us in the healing process? There is a new documentary out on NetFlix called “HEAL”. It’s contents really are not anything new-all of science and every World Religion has been claiming these truths for hundreds of years. It speaks of the power of our thoughts over illness and disease, and how healing will often be found only when we change our thoughts and purge out the toxic feelings and negative emotions and information that has formed our mindsets throughout our entire lives.

We may have known about these theories and the promising studies behind them, but never needed them or attempted to apply them to our own lives.

But what if now is the time to embrace these truths for ourselves?

Think about this scenario for a minute:: A woman visits her friend after leaving her doctor’s office and receiving a devastating diagnosis. The friend listens to the news, but then leaves the room and comes back dressed in a white coat and says: “I have good news. You are going to be ok.

Your body is sending you signals that if you keep living the lifestyle you are currently living and don’t make some changes, you could end up sick-but this is simply a wake up call and your body is about to go on a journey of healing.” What was the difference between the 2 visits?

In the first scenario, a medical authority speaks out a diagnosis that the woman now “owns” and probably succumbs to. Her brain is registering the fear and the fear will continue to manifest “dis-ease” if left unchecked.

The second scenario offers the woman hope- a hope that she CAN and will heal if she begins to feed and nourish her body properly.

Her PERCEPTION of the prognosis changes the way her mind perceives the diagnosis. If she changes her thoughts of dread and defeat to thoughts of gratitude and hope for the healing that is coming, the diagnosis becomes nothing but a wake-up call that will ultimately lead her to a healthier version of herself.

Our perception of our environment and our feelings, will actually send signals to our nervous system telling it what is going on. This makes our perception vital and powerful. And we get to CHOOSE the messages we send!!

This doesn’t mean that the diagnoses aren’t real-it just means how we choose to perceive and deal with them is our choice, and our choices may very well change the entire outcome.

Furthermore, in order to heal, we need our bodies to find a balance between fight or flight and rest and repair. Because of the amount of stress and stimulation we experience day in and day out, most of us are in a continuous state of fight or flight, which doesn’t allow for true healing.

Oftentimes, even when we WANT to change our perception, our nervous system is already so conditioned to feel fear, panic and a sense of false urgency, that despite our best efforts, we just can’t bring about the will to fight against the negativity. We need help getting our nervous system back into balance to allow for our brains to formulate those healing + healthy thoughts.

Your body is a brilliant machine–designed to heal itself profoundly, when fed the right nutrients- It also requires hope. Hope comes from a truth that is often unseen at the moment. Sometimes we don’t know where to start, or are oftentimes just too burned out to conjure up the thoughts on our own. That’s ok, too.

Remember-it’s a journey-and we are on it together; So here are a few thoughts to meditate on to get you started on your healing journey:

+ I am healthy, happy and whole. + My body is a brilliant machine, made to heal, flourish and accomplish great things + I am right where I need to be, in order to learn what I need to learn, to get where I need to go. + I was made ON purpose FOR a purpose and I will fulfill that which I was created for. + I am loved and accepted just as I am. + I am grateful for the opportunity to live and love again today-just for today. I will not worry about tomorrow. I will embrace today as the gift that it is. + Healing is on its way. I will trust the process. Speak these declarations over yourself as many times a day as you need.

This is the practice of reckless optimism-and it may very well change your entire life ?

 Authored By Stephanie Previch 3/4/2019