Hello, I’m Susan Wis!


Welcome!! I am so glad you are here.

No matter how you got here, I can help. How do I know? Because I have been where you are.

Our situations may not be exactly the same but I have been through the ringer and tested beyond my believed strength. We are all faced with adversity on our life journey, from infancy, youth, teens, into adulthood. And we all handle this adversity in different ways. Some people, better than others. How we absorb and cope with these potholes along the way will reflect on our emotional and physical health. No specific situation need be inherently traumatic. It is how we experience the circumstances of our lives that determines whether or not we will find them traumatizing.

And trauma, for me, caused fear, anger, and stress.

Dealing with Depression, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for more than three decades, is a direct indication of my unhealthy coping skills with stress, emotional trauma, marriage, parenting, and other normal life activities.

After a continuous struggle with health issues, I know first hand how exhausting and frustrating both the struggle of overcoming multiple health problems and maintaining a happy, healthy home life can be.

BUT, I came out on TOP and YOU can too! And I am here to show you how.

You might be hitting wall after wall in either area or both and not sure where to turn next.
You might have paid for doctor after doctor, wellness programs, read the self-help books, tried the “super foods” and “failsafe” strategies… but nothing’s worked.
You may feel just about ready to throw in the towel.

If you are, please hear this: you don’t need to give up. There is always HOPE.

Maybe you need to re-think your approach and uncover what’s right for you.


I am the proud founder of Renew Life and Wellness Coaching and the creator of the BETTER YOU * BETTER LIFE Programs that empower clients worldwide with tools and skills for a happy and healthy life.

Whether you’re looking for a more nourishing way of eating, a realistic and organized plan for your busy days, or coping strategies for your next pothole in life – I’m here to help you make it happen!

My coaching centers entirely around helping you rock out an awesome life you enjoy.

What feels good to you matters. The life you love matters. And yes, you’re allowed to eat chocolate and be healthy. Because the key to a nourished body/mind and a life you love depends on you being at peace.

Bottom line: I make creating an optimal, joyous life easy. I am not going to overwhelm you. I am going to teach you simple ways you can make changes right away, nail down your barriers, and own your dream life >>> because this is your birthright. 


I was getting sicker every day – and it was affecting the way I enjoyed my life. My autoimmune, digestion and adrenals were a hot mess, and I felt sick every day.

My body was loaded with heavy mercury poisoning, candida, parasites, liver toxicity, h-pylori and a host of other pathogens. I had been losing nutrients and minerals for years and was shutting down. I had a total hysterectomy and cholecystectomy. My sleep was horrific, I was in chronic pain and had more than 50 documented symptoms on a daily basis. I felt like I was dying. I could not even imagine living to be 80 years old because I lived it already.

I poured thousands of dollars into a long line of doctors and specialists who just couldn’t tell me what was wrong or told me do X, and this X has helped every one of my clients (about $100,000 to be exact) — but it never helped me.

It was terrifying, and on top of it all, the constant stress of being sick was wreaking havoc on my emotional well being.

Thankfully, after a lot of painstaking research, I was able to get better and begin to pull back the layers of toxicity.

I spent $5000 for testing and a Holistic protocol, which confirmed all of the above. After I started detoxing my body per the suggestion of the naturopath, building up my minerals, supporting my adrenals, and FINALLY getting long overdue emotional therapy, I began to feel a shift in my energy that I had never experienced, and to cut to the point, within 4 months, I was free of body aches, pain, fatigue, brain fog, IBS, and numerous burdens that I had dealt with for so long.

At that moment, was the beginning of my empowerment. I started researching and swore one day I would help people just like myself.

I wish somebody had walked the journey with me because the late nights searching on the Internet and the “doing this alone gig” was exhausting.

With the help of a black H&M bag full of supplements I carried everywhere (yup – I was that girl sucking on garlic) and an awesome Naturopath and therapist, I slowly started to come back to myself. At that point, I knew that I needed professional training in holistic health in order to help educate people on alternative options for healing.

Learning the groundbreaking natural health techniques available today and becoming certified in Holistic Health Coaching, Lifestyle Modification, Integrative Health, Metabolic and Energy Medicine makes me the right person to get you on the right track to an awesome life!

Together, we can find the answers you’ve been looking for. It is time to get empowered, and I am here to coach you through this journey – back to a place where you feel alive, empowered and not scared. I am your partner.




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